Hockey gear is essential and a must have for any Viper player. The Vipers organization has some gear available for sale, used gear can be purchased from other Vipers or you could simply purchase the gear you need from any of the following links. Bring your old gear to the rink and sell or swap it with other players. All players must bring their own equipment.

Club Gear for Sale

Item Brand Size Comment Price (AED)
Skates Easton Y13 100
Skates Tron Y13.5 100

Online Hockey Equipment Retailers

Hockey Giant | Hockey Monkey | Total Hockey

In order to play ice hockey, you'll need the following gear: ice hockey skates, helmet (with full cage ), stick, gloves, shin pads, hockey pants, neck guard, elbow pads, and shoulder pads. Other miscellaneous items that we wear are: hockey socks, garter belts or tape (to hold up the socks), protective cup, and mouthguard (optional).